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Way of Linearization / Relinearizatiion Requaest for x10

Offline evko Posted 01-16-2011 - 04:30 PM
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I'm not sure if it works this in current version of ProductionHouse x10 - but it would be very very helpful if Relinearization mode each time it used took as reference data - linearization data from previous session - in any way it will be closer to real combination paper/ink/printer than just guess that software does when it takes in Ink Separation data - so each time Relinearization is done previous set of data is just refined - so if some banding is present after first round - going through relinearization procedure several time - will gid rid of any banding and spikes of data --- I know it might sound like some tedious work to redo linearization step several times - but for those who strive for best quality it will quite useful feature - am I wrong?

Just a though

PS - actually once I wrote a piece of color profiling software for 7 delusions of black ink (Cone's Peizography set of inks - to be more specific) and I used exactly this approach - and quite successfully Smiley
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