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Using Onyx 12 Cut Server and the cutting is off.

Offline Bart Thatcher Posted 10-14-2015 - 04:05 PM
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Onyx Version:
12 Thrive
HP360 & HP560

Using Onyx 12 HP 260 Latex and cutting with Graphtech FC8000 cutter.

I have everything in perfect working order!! until I started cutting the second set. First set was golden.

Setting up my prints:

I printed four separate files of decals. Same design and same cut lines.

I printed four because I would of had a 32 foot long sheet to process and cut. So I broke it up into four files, prints, cutting groups.

I opened up my single decal with cut lines and selected the number I needed for that particular group.

From there after it ripped I made a three copies. I printed one after another .


I have matching barcode numbers both on the cutter and on the cut sever no mismatch number sets.

After doubling checking settings on the cutter and on the onyx cut server I proceed to cut.

The first set was perfect the second and third not so perfect. The die cut has shifted toward the -y direction about .125 maybe even a .25 of inch. There's no real explanation why is this doing this? I can easily trim this off in a cutter, but if this was a oval or circle cut I would be throwing this stuff away.

Any help!!! Is this an onyx glitch? How can I fix this!!

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