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Spot Colour Replacement - CMYK

Offline massiveatac Posted 11-22-2013 - 11:29 AM
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Thrive 11
Arizona 550GT

Hi All,

I'm new to the forum but hope somebody can help! I'm currently trying to print a PDF with set spot colours - these need to convert in to specific CMYK values. When adding user defined colours to the user defined colors menu, I'm only able to add colours in LAB!

I have to have control over the colour ink percentages. Is there any way I can replace a spot colour to a specific CMYK value? I'm printing on an Arizona 550GT with spot white.

The files are supplied to me in pdf format and are generated via the web - hence RGB. Most colours I'm happy to convert to CMYK by the RIP but as mentaioned above, a few other colours need to be spot on!

Any help would be most appreciated, thanks for the help in advance.
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Offline Douglas Posted 11-25-2013 - 09:23 AM
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The user defined color table is for creating custom named spot colors, in which case Lab is the norm - While one could certainly use this (or Aliases) to replace named spot colors within a file, the intended approach is to use the named Spot Color Replacement tool in Job Editor (Preflight).

Job Editor>Color Correction>Tools>Named Spot Color Replacement

The default behavior for named spot color replacements in Job Editor (Preflight) is in CMYK (device) values. In other words, they are the CMYK values as they will be rendered through the currently selected media and print mode.
As such these values will change based on the selected media and print mode (e.g. the currently selected gamut). In this way, entering raw CMYK values likely will not translate to what you expect.
This is one reason we added the ability to print Swatch Books with variations so you can find the closest visual match for the media and mode you are printing with and use the recipe of that match to make the replacement.

Lastly, replacements can be saved and as Filters added to Quicksets for automation, but I'd strongly recommend a quick call to our support team to walk you through that process.

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Doug Mackay
Engineering R&D Lab
ONYX - Simple. Innovative. Proven.

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