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Rotate Cut feed

Offline Super1 Posted 02-05-2016 - 03:39 AM
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Onyx Version:
hp360 oce 660xt

We run onxy 11 on our HP360 latex which has a fantastic take up roll system and we quite often print 50m rolls at a time. The issue we have is that when we place the roll on our flat bed cutter the feed direction arrows are facing the wrong way. There are a couple of solutions that I dont like, 1 is to transfer the printed roll onto another core or as is possible rotate the files (we use optiscout) in the cut software. This does seem easy but as a lot of our print jobs are stepped & repeated rectangles its impossible to tell if the file has been rotated or not as they look the same rotated or not and since onyx 11 doesnt put the reg dots in a random patter if you do feed your sheet in the wrong way it will still read all of the dots and possible cut the file incorrectly.
so I have 2 questions - can i alter the feed direction (and arrows)
2. Can I make the reg dot placement for optiscout to be random
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