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printing ink in reverse

Offline Pauly Posted 12-21-2015 - 05:24 PM
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How can you make the rip print the ink in reverse. As in my printer will print KCMY on the first pass. so printing on the back of acrylic or glass it'll be reverse viewing it. I'd like it to print YMCK so it'll be the right way when viewing.
I hope that makes sense

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Offline M@CK Posted 12-22-2015 - 05:29 AM
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Ouch !
That is not how you go about that. you will need to flip the Image.
In Onyx, select your job then go to "Job Editor".
When you job opens go to the second tab "preview and Size", about mid way down their is a check box called image flip, click that, then go to the print tab and press the Submit button.
When you print the image will be readable when viewed trough the plexy or clear plastic
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