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Offline Scott Posted 05-30-2008 - 09:00 AM
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I wanted a place on here to write down ideas that I had for the next major release of Onyx. There are numerous things that I would love to see updated, added, and so on, so here's where we can suggest them. Then when the time comes I will pass along the data to Onyx. This way they'll have actual user suggestions, which I think would be invaluable.

I also thought that maybe others might have ideas for an entirely new product they could offer. Whatever your dream may be, let's hear it, and I'll pass it along as well. I know they're always looking to find the areas their tools may be lacking, or somewhere they may not even be addressing a need.

With all that in mind. Please post each idea/thought in it's own thread so it's easy to look at the subjects and get a good overall list of what people are asking for. That would be much easier to manage, as opposed to fishing through one giant thread.

Any questions, just post a reply here and I'll answer ASAP, or email me.


Scott Manwaring / Administrator
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