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Onyx Update

Offline virtu Posted 10-20-2008 - 01:34 AM
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Frequent Flyer

Onyx Version:
Spuhl virtu RS-35, Canon ipf9100, HP5000, RS-640


I currently work with Onyx Productionhouse and i run 2 Printers on it (HP5000 and Spuhl Virtu rs35).
I want to completely uninstall the and then do a clean install of 7.2.

Here is my question:

If i backup my Quicksets, Filters, Medias, and Printers, will i be able to import these Printers, Medias and Quicksets, Filters in 7.2?

As i had bad experience with updates (couldnt open older jobs...) i want to be sure what i am doing this time Smiley

I have found a tutorial how to completely uninstall Onyx, that wont be the problem.

Worst case for me:
-Cant open old files
-I wont be able to print for a day or more

Thx, virtu
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Offline SWCL Posted 10-23-2008 - 05:36 AM
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Onyx Version:
Production House v7.3.2
HP DJ5000, Epson 9600, Mimaki JV3-160s Ultra

I had no problems from 7.0.6 to using this method (should be the same for 7.2)

The only problem may be if you have renamed the printers to anything other than their default printer name.. when installed first time (sometimes installing the same printer for a second time if the old printer was not entirely deleted from the onyx folder will change the printer name from default to save it getting confused which one to print to. This could be something as simple as it being called the default printer name but adding '2' at the end)


Save your quicksets & medias by exporting through the configure printer diaglogue for each printer. You could also do this by creating a printer install file via the manage printers window (I would do this as well as - not instead of.. you want as many backups as you can just in case something goes wrong)

Save your custom filters & your entire work folder to somewhere else.. so they stay in the same formats & should be recognised by the 7.2 printers. I'd take the opportunity, before you backup the work folders, to go through the jobs you have saved in the rip & get rid of ANYTHING you no longer require. This will save you a lot of disc space esspecially if you focus first on the large files (click the tab to sort by file size) - note that the GB files are at the other end of the list to the high MB files as it sorts the list by name & then size..

Also make a note (hard copy) of how the rip etc. is configured & all the settings (including custom media sizes - roll widths/lengths etc.) per printer - this will save having to remember them when it comes to seting up 7.2.

Download the latest 7.2 update from http://www.onyxgfx.net/index.php/downloads

download version 7.2 of your printers from ftp://ftp.onyxgfx.net/pub/v7/072508/printers

do both of these before uninstalling 7.1 so you still have a usable rip Wink

Once you have those & have made all necessary backups - uninstall 7.1

Install 7.2 from the file you downloaded.


Install 7.2 printer drivers using the prninst files you downloaded via the above link.. you only need to install 1 media to install the latest v7.2 drivers. configure the printer connections when asked.

once all the printers are installed open the rip,

Select your printers one at a time & click on 'configure printer'

Import all the medias, quicksets etc you backed up before & add the custom media sizes etc.

***Please note*** - when adding medias if there is an option anywhere in that dialogue box that says something along the lines of 'Install printer drivers?' or similar - make sure it is unticked! - You want the printer drivers for 7.2 but ONLY the media configurations from 7.1, no drivers.

once you have done that for all printers & the new setup matches the 7.1 setup, shutdown the rip.

Locate the work & custom filter folders you copied

move the custom filters to the onyx root directory (as they were before).

now open the work folder you copied & in then open a printer folder. You should see all your print jobs with around 3 copies of each file name but with different file extensions.

Open the new onyx 7.2 folder on your HD, open the work folder, open the containing printer folder that matches the one in the backup folder that you just opened.

Copy the entire contents (jobs) from the backup folder & put them into the corresponding printer folder in the new work folder.

Do that for all the printers & once copying has finished, restart the rip.

You should find everything is there & useable.. & jobs should still be able to preflight.

Hope that makes some sense Razz


I would wait for someone who can confirm this method will work before actually doing it though Wink
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Offline virtu Posted 10-25-2008 - 10:43 PM
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Frequent Flyer

Onyx Version:
Spuhl virtu RS-35, Canon ipf9100, HP5000, RS-640


Thats sounds like it could work Smiley

I didnt rename my printer so that shouldnt be a problem. I usually dont backup my work folder.
If i have to reprint a job, then i open the old .onx file and i look what corrections i have done in that file.

The idea to backup rip configuration settings is good, i didnt do that on my last update and i couldnt remember how the rip was configured.

I already downloaded drivers and 7.2.

Is it possible to test the installation on a 2nd pc? Like unplugg the usbkey from original RIP, plug the key to a new pc and do the setup? That should work for like 30 days without registration?

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