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Ink limits on Canon 12 color printer

Offline ColourManagement.ca Posted 09-06-2014 - 11:05 AM
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Hi all,

I'm finding it very difficult to determine the ideal ink limits for a 12 colour printer, specifically the Canon iPF 6450. Because of the extra RGB inks the total ink load is very high. With other printers I am able to build my initial per channel ink restrictions without issue.

I'm using the Canon Satin 240 media. I've create decent RGB Contone profiles but the gamut is a bit small.

The Halftone profiles are a challenge.

My question is. I've measured the first swatch for the Ink Restrictions, measured the linearization but I always have too much ink when I get to the next step. Ink is running off the page.

I then go back and continue to reduce the inks, I've pulled back on the light inks, I've pulled my yellow back and the Cyan as they are usually the worst offenders for over inking. I don't want to limit my gamut too much by going too low.

My usual method for ink restrictions is to stop the ink at the hook, when the ink stops increasing in chroma. But this is not a good strategy with a 12 inks. So how low do I go? And why doesn't the measurements I take do a better job of calculating this? Am I not selecting something I should?

Angus Pady
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Offline virtu Posted 09-16-2014 - 04:22 AM
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before you try making inklimits.... have you tried the media settings "special 1-10" and make a rgb-contone profile based on 1 of those special settings?

if i remember correctly then special 1-5 uses matt black(mbk), special 6-10 black (bk).

the inklimit in special 1 is the lowest, in special 5 its the highest (for matt blacks)

also special 6 is lowest, 10 is highest (bk).

if you test those settings, then you probably will find a good setting for a contone profile

good luck.

(you can find that in your canon manual, search for "special media")
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