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ICC Build options question

Offline dlong Posted 11-13-2014 - 10:12 AM
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Onyx Version:
HP Z6800

We have a media that we have been using for years on our HP Z6100 with an Onyx media profile made by the paper manufacturer. It is similar to a Heavyweight Coated or Fine Art paper. I am now trying to create a media profile for this paper on our HP Z6800. The 2 printers share similar ink formulations - Aqueous Pigment ink from HP. I have followed the wizard in Media Manager, and successfully built the ICC for the Z6800.

When I print out the Onyx Quality test file on the Z6800 and compare it to the same off the Z6100, I find that the reds and blues need black in them. For example, the image in the top left corner of the woman with the red sweater - the sweater is nice and red, but there's no contrast in it. I'm not quite sure how to just get more black to fill in the shadow areas of the 2 and 3 color combinations. I mean, I can do a trial and error, but with all the options, I can be here for weeks. Any advice from the experts?
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Offline virtu Posted 11-18-2014 - 04:48 AM
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Spuhl virtu RS-35, Canon ipf9100, HP5000, RS-640

if no expert can answer your question, then i (no expert Smiley can try to answer.

are your prints dry ? do you think the media would handle more ink ? then you can do something about it, if your current prints dont dry good, then you will have not much options.

if your red and blue isnt saturated enough, then you might go back to the beginning of the media building process and higher the value for your cyan and your magenta. you wont fix this with icc build options as you expect it.

with higher magenta and cyan your reds and blues will be more saturated. you will also need to higher your total ink limit to at least 220% for acceptable results. better 250-300%

good luck
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Offline Correct Color Posted 12-01-2014 - 09:35 AM
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Onyx Version:

Well, first off, I haven't seen a Z6800 yet, but just because your 6800 an aqueous HP doesn't necessarily mean that it's all that similar to a Z6100.

My understanding is that the Z6800 is the replacement for the Z6200. And I can tell you from quite a bit of experience that 6200 and the 6100's CMYK are actually a good deal different from each other.

As to the problem you're having, most likely it is not caused by your black generation strategy -- UCR, GCR, whatever -- but more likely an issue with your ink limits.

Keep in mind that the idea with black generation is never to alter to chroma value of any particular pixel, or of any part of your image in general. It's to hit the same values, but for whatever reason, with some differing level of primary colors. If you alter any colors, then you've overdone your black generation curves, and defeated a good portion of the whole point of color management to begin with.

Most likely you've got some issue with your single channel ink limits vs. your multi-channel ink limits. Basically, probably your single channels are too high, and your multi channels are too low.

From the description you've given, that'd be my guess.

Mike Adams
Correct Color
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Offline bosdub Posted 02-18-2015 - 01:41 PM
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Onyx Version:
HP-Z6100, HP-10000, & Oce 360GT, HP L26500, L360

Did you have any luck with Onyx "out of the box" profiles? I just acquired a 6800 (coming from 6100's). Everything set up fine, downloaded Onyx printer and medias and no luck. Usually the media profiles from Onyx work fairly well for standard medias. Especially HP medias which is what I'm using. Here's a small piece of what I get using the supplied profiles. Cyan seems a bit on the "black" side. Smiley
Seems that they only have profiles that are outputting CMY. Seems strange to me.
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