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How to open ONX on other Printer and get same results?

Offline baumanb Posted 12-06-2015 - 07:36 AM
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Onyx Version:
Mimaki JV33,


we outsourced sublimation printing, recently we brought it in house.

We use same printer, same inks, same resolution, passes....as old place.

The place we outsourced to, printed using Onyx 11.1, we use 10.1

If we open his ONX file, turn all profiles off, I was expecting to get same results.Well it's not. My assumption that ONX will have output CMYK values intact and thus getting same results was wrong.
Or should we do it some other way.
We profiled both printers (Mimaki JV 33) the same way, but result isn't the same.

Any suggestion how to get those reorders closer in color matching?
Apart from obvious solution: print at old place, not in house.
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Offline agboudreau48 Posted 12-09-2015 - 08:00 AM
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Onyx Version:
HP Latex 370, HP L26500, Epson GS6000 Pro

no, different versions of Onyx will look at the colors differently. In addition, every printer will lay the ink differently, so you can almost never go from one printer or version/program to another and expect the same results. Really the only thing that I know of that you can do is to take the PMS colors by the old print shop and make color corrections in job editor and try to match them. The you just need to save that, or print a swatch for it as a reference. Otherwise your artists are going to have to match it themselves in the actual artwork. Could the client possibly send you one of the prints, or maybe get a sample from where you outsourced it from?
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Offline Mikulas Posted 12-14-2015 - 12:31 PM
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Onyx Version:
L26500, W8400+Onyx / Mimaki JV4, JV5 +TexPrint

Hello Mr. Bauman,

if you have some older CMYK scales or samples in the archive then you can do this:
(presupposing that you already have done proper linearisation)

- measure 50% and 100% patches for every channel
- tweak the target density curve at the new place so that you simulate the density curve of the old ONYX
Start with checking the density of 100% patches for every channel.
If not aligned - align them in Ink-Restrictions.
After that it usually needs only some pushing the middle of the target curve up or down until you "align" the middle of the curve (changing N-factor/dot gain - what you have). When comparing old/new use spectrometer (do not trust the eye-method Wink)

We profiled both printers (Mimaki JV 33) the same way, but result isn't the same.
From my experience - if you are not after ultimately precise colors you could simply copy the media profile from one JV33 to another.
Even with different printer age results will be very similar...
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