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hot folders / quick sets

Offline lvnick Posted 05-15-2013 - 11:18 AM
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Onyx Version:
(3) Epson GS6000, (1) Mimaki JV33-160

I'm brand new to this forum and am just starting to setup Quick Sets for my printers so that I can use hot folders. While doing this, I've found a couple of things that seem to be bugs, but I'm not sure if I need to do an update or if anyone has experienced anything like this. I'm running for onyx and here are the problems that I'm experiencing with Quick Sets:

1) I have the quick set I'm working on set to specify the media options, not to read from the printer status. When I click the checkbox "Enable Microweaving" and set it to anything (such as "High A" and then press the okay button, when I come back to the Quick Set later, the checkbox is unchecked and it did not save my setting. It seems all other settings save properly.

2) Sometimes when I adjust the Feed Adjustment the printer stops printing properly. I had it set to 0 for one test print (which the size of the print came out wrong) so I set it to -0.53 and the print size changed, but in the wrong direction. I changed it to 0.25 to see if that would fix it and now when the printer tries to print off the quick set, it just moves the head back and forth but the media never advances and the ink is never laid down. If I print using the default and without the quick set, everything works fine. If I delete the quick set and try again, it works fine until I change the feed adjustment again and then it does the same thing.

3) Is there any way to specify the suction? I am trying to use the quick sets so that I do not have to change the paper type manually on the printer to make it easier for my printer operators.

Any info would be much appreciated!!

Thank you Smiley

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