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Have i bit off more than i can chew

Offline Atherton Media Posted 12-20-2015 - 06:31 AM
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JV3 160s

righto here goes, i know nothing at all about printing apart from when i buy it in, so i have goen in the deep end i think, not wanting to spend an awful lot ive bought older machinery and Onyx 6.2, could someone answer a few questions please.

I have just bought Onyx Postershop 6.5 on a secondhand Dell Poweredge server running, scsi drives and windows Server 2003 and when checking the software it was being used with an OCE 6060 Printer which must have had a scsi interface, there are folders on the desktop showing reference docouments, input profiles folder, output profiles folder, abd the normal postershop icon and postershop preflight.

i have a copy of postershop 6.5 disc with it and hardware key with a serial number.

i have paid a deposit on an old Mimaki JV3 160s 3 head 6 color machine that has been under a service contract from new and has the service contract on it for a further 3 months after i buy it and they are prepared to carry on the service contract for a monthly fee afterwards if i so wish.


can i upgrade this software cheaply in some way as i have a hardware key for it, if i do upgrade will it still run the older JV3.

Im not into server 2003, so i have a Quad Core intel PC here, could i use that instead with normal windows OS and what version please.

Now I'm thinking that i may have just thrown a lot of money down the drain.

any help would be much appreciated as i haven't got a clue where to start i learn fast and the only thing i ever used before was Roland versa works at a company i worked for.

thank you

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Offline Hotspur Posted 12-28-2015 - 10:42 AM
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The Onyx key cannot be upgraded at all - either use it as V6 / v6.5 or buy a brand new copy of Onyx.

If you are lucky your re-seller might offer a loyalty discount of a few hundred off a new copy if you trade in your v.6 key but this is a goodwill gesture not an Onyx policy.

dump the old PC and use your quad core with Win XP or Windows 7 32 bit not 2003 server and load v6.x and you should be good to go.

The JV3 was a solid workhorse and Onyx v6.5 was a very stable version (unlike v7!) so they should give a few more years of service.
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