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Offline info@atomicsigns.com.au Posted 08-04-2015 - 04:07 PM
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Onyx Version:
26500 & 28500

Hi, During a print after around 5m I had my computer freeze and my printers stop, while ripping another file for my smaller printer. Obviously I had to restart the computer but now when I go into Thrive the file that was printing is hanging in the print que and says it is still printing and my printers are uninitialized.

I have done the following;

* Rebooted my printers and computers and disconnected them completely.
* Deleted the printing files out of the hotfolder so they are empty. There is no process running in the background however I am unable to delete this out of my print que.
* Repaired my Onyx program.
* Gone online and tried to delete it from the online setup

Do I have any other options besides uninstalling and reinstalling the program to fix this issue?

The error comes up as the following;
Invalid settings file 'C:\Thrive11.0\Server\cfg\HP Designjet L26500.SET' in config file! Server will shut down!

In the console information it says the following;

Server is starting...
Invalid settings file 'C:\Thrive11.0\Server\cfg\HP Designjet L26500.SET' in config file!
Starting Production Manager on port 80

Server is Now Shut Down!


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