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Color Help

Offline Kayla Posted 04-04-2016 - 12:37 PM
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I am using the Epson GS6000 and I am having trouble printing a photograph on canvas. The sky is a deep blue but every time it prints out I get purple instead. The rest of the photo turns out great nice deep greens and browns.

In Photoshop I have checked and all of the colors are in gamut. The color profile is the standard Adobe RGB1998. When I go to Onyx I have my media that is loaded selected. I am using Epson GS6000 Canvas Gloss. I have made sure to use the same printer profile (Adobe RGB 1998) in the profile tab. Rendering Intent is Perceptual. In the past I have left the Output tab alone. Right now it is left to default printer ICC.

So my question is do I need to select a profile or make a profile for the output?
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Offline Correct Color Posted 04-06-2016 - 10:52 AM
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It sounds like you need a better printer profile. But I'm curious just how you checked and know all colors are in gamut.

Mike Adams
Correct Color
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Offline Mikulas Posted 04-14-2016 - 10:28 AM
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L26500, W8400+Onyx / Mimaki JV4, JV5 +TexPrint

Helo Kayla.

You have no idea how deep and large this ICC ocean is ! Confused

a/ to give you better answers - how experienced you are ?

b/ AdobeRGB noway is a printer profile! It´s a "Device Independent Profile" - a profile for moving data between devices. Photo cameras and many software use it to "unbind" pictures from devices.

c/ ICC management in the output MUST be activated, otherwise... (no idea what then - never tested it)

d) Gamut warning in Photoshop works ONLY for standardized printer profiles (like SWOP, ISO, Fogra profiles) - quite useless for you (as you have 8-color Epson)

e/ is your Canvas ICC profile specific for your canvas media, or is it "some" Canvas you found in Onyx?

f/ do you know that your monitor is probably NOT ABLE to show all AdobeRGB colors? Until you have a High-End monitor some extreme color regions will always be very approximate - colors will never match the data. I.e. it is possible that the colors from printer are OK, and your monitor is wrong. Confused

g/ to your question - color management always means:
Input profile -> Output profile
Media Profile in Onyx usually has the output ICC profile embedded. You need to select the correct input ICC profile (and rendering).
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