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Can I get smooth white ink?

Offline wfin73 Posted 02-06-2014 - 01:17 PM
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Onyx Version:
thrive 11
Oce Arizona 480GT

I am attempting to face print a graphic on clear vinyl with my Arizona 480GT with onyx thrive. We currently print this job in screen printing, but I would like to go digital with it. In screen we print a white layer first under part of the graphic, so the blue that we print second will be more opaque. My problem is, that because I can't print the white in production smooth it already has texture to it, so the blue is coming out with an even worse texture to it , even if I print the color in production smooth. We then laminate a clear polyester over it to protect the ink, but there is enough of a texture that the laminate doesn't lay completely flat over the ink. Is there a way to print white in any kind of "smooth" setting?
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Offline tollerdad Posted 05-30-2014 - 02:20 AM
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Onyx Version:
Epson GS6000, HP L25500

I run 2 white channels on our 460 and dropped the output to 70% each instead of 100% and get a smoother lay down of white. Also used a heated roll laminator and heat the lam a little during application so it sticks better/smoother to the textured surface.
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