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An apology to the OnyxTalk community!

Offline Scott Posted 09-24-2014 - 10:06 PM
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As you guys may have noticed, I have not been very active for the last year. Unfortunately I was forced to leave the print industry due to an allergy and because of that I am out of touch with the Onyx world and the large format print industry in general. I miss it every day however.

Long story short, I started having what I thought was a weird rash on my abdomen and legs within about a month of the shop I worked at getting their HP L65500 latex printer. The rash, it turns out, was actually bleeding under the skin. The bleeding would go away on the weekends and return again and get progressively worse during the week. After a good year of troubleshooting, testing and biopsies to determine the cause it got to the point that I could no longer work in the same area as the printers and within another year I couldn't even be in the building. With proper ventilation I imagine it may have been possible, but this shop most definitely did not have that. I was the only employee having any reaction, so they didn't feel the need to put in any special ventilation.

It's a complicated deal, but it was essentially narrowed down to one chemical that is used as a carrier for the pigment in the ink, 2-pyrrolidone. HP has it listed as a known respiratory irritant, but said that they had no issues with people becoming sensitized and it should not be possible. It appears however that breathing this day in and day out overloaded my system and now I have to avoid a lot products that aren't even print related because this chemical is used in a lot of different ways (candles, scented wax, fragrances, etc) as well as in medications that have a timed release.

It's been about 1.25 years since I last worked in printing and the bleeding has completely stopped, unless I get around certain products and then it will flair back up shortly. After all this I'm left with severe asthma and scarring in my lungs. I also have permanent kidney damage as a result. It's not been such a fun ride.

With that said, if there is anyone out there that is interested in helping manage and run this forum, please let me know.

Scott Manwaring / Administrator
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