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12.2 & Graphtec cutting - Atlantis - 09-10-2017 03:23 PM

Recently moved from Thrive x10 to PosterShop 12.2 and now experiencing the following issue:

Previously we would run print jobs on our Océ and cut on a Roland with zero issues.
Now we have an Epson and Graphtec to replace the old setup and after performing the cut procedure, the Graphtec will return to origin.
This is *horrible* when we print several jobs down a roll of media.
No one in the office can locate any setting causing this issue, and it seems that it's a "feature" of 12.2 compared to x10 which used to end the job about 2" after the final cut was made.

Does anyone have any insight or tweaks as to how we can get this behaviour back again? It's wasting a lot of production time having to feed all the way back to the end of the job recently cut just so we can begin the next one on the roll.

RE: 12.2 & Graphtec cutting - MaxGamut - 09-11-2017 10:37 AM

If you use the Onyx Cut Server - I think there is a new setting in the Configure Cutter / Cut Job Preferences.
Look for "Rewind after Cut" ... or something similar.
Don´t forget to change it in every Cut Settings...

RE: 12.2 & Graphtec cutting - Atlantis - 09-11-2017 03:19 PM

That check box does not exist for the Graphtec.
I can see it available if I add a fake Summa cutter to the queue though, so it looks like Onyx may have hard coded this one for Graphtecs which isn't great.
Still open to other suggestions though.