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Mimaki Service - jonkovach - 10-07-2016 07:28 PM

Anybody have any recommendations for Mimaki JV33 printer service? I'm having a heck of a problem with my yellow ink line plugging up.

RE: Mimaki Service - MaxGamut - 10-27-2016 12:20 PM

Hi Jon.
Our technician (expensive like hell) when in trouble is often calling Japan... Smiley
We call him only in the worst cases. (like head exchange or so)

Hmmm... JV33... does it have the "famous" DX5 heads from Epson? We have them in JV5.
All I can say is - TERRIBLY SENSITIVE heads !!! We already had all possible problems, which we NEVER had with DX4 heads.
My observations:
- very sensitive to media scratching - one bigger wave on paper and the head surface is damaged
- very sensitive to older dampers - 50-60% of nozzle problems are solved with new dampers
- cheap no-name dampers do not help! after testing we only use originals
- intensive cleaning does not help when having some kind of head problems. The printers cleaning procedure is only making it worse. Sometimes we use old capping joined with a syringe instead of internal cleaning.

We hate the DX5 heads... (and we had both - solvent and water JV5)