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Icc profile for dye sublimation - jimmychongkc - 09-24-2016 05:35 AM

Hi All

We have few kind machine Mutoh RJ900x . VJ1604K4 . VJ1638 dye sublimation . This all machine also use onyx ripcenter software. We im have the problem is this three type machine print out is not same colour . Im have ask people redo yhe colour profile but also same any idea can control the colour icc profile is near . I know cant 100% same . but now is totally 3 different alot . Have any idea can make the colour profile is same ink is use same brand but colour is out . Thanks

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RE: Icc profile for dye sublimation - Pauly - 09-25-2016 05:24 AM

Do you have a spectrophotometer? like an i1pro?

There's no other way to get your 3 printers to match each other other than profiling all 3. You can use onyx media manager and create a profile in there.

RE: Icc profile for dye sublimation - MaxGamut - 10-27-2016 11:56 AM

New profiling is not necessary if using:
- same or similar media (similar white point + optical brighteners)
- identical inks (this is important - same inks on all machines !)
Instead of profiling (which is usually much harder task) do only re-linearization.
Of course, with same channel densities and same N-factor.

If you have significantly different media (very different white point), then you will never get same results - saturated colors+shadows will be more-less OK, but pastels and greys will never be same.
Cool media make cool greys, neutral media tend do produce neutral or green-yellowish greys , warm media produce redish greys ...
This is unavoidable and can only be " somehow cheated" by absolute colorimetric rendering.