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Contour Cutting - Speedy Signs Albany - 08-06-2015 08:45 PM

We have just recently upgraded Onyx to version 11. When I set a contour cut, the barcode on the print prints - but unlike the previous version of Onyx it does not have an arrow indicating the direction of the cut for the person operating the cut server and cutter. We do a number of symmetrical prints which makes it difficult for the person operating the cutter to know which way to insert the print for cutting. Is there a way to indicate the direction?

RE: Contour Cutting - Rsylke - 03-31-2016 08:33 AM

File > Manage Cutters > select cutter > Configure

Depending on your cutter, there may be a setting that can bring back those arrows. I work with Graphtec plotters and the arrows seem to be default with the onyx barcode.

Also make sure the firmware for your printer is up to date with the version of Onyx you're using. We had an issue with crop marks not showing up at all and it ended up being firmware incompatibility with a newer version of Onyx.